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USB Touch Keypad Shield

USB Touch Keypad Shield
Производитель: 2
Модель: usb touch keypad
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По цене: 15.00 бел руб

The video about Makey makey Analog Touch keyboard must have be seen by many people. In this video ,the circuit board can be connected to any conductor and we can manipulate computer keyboard through touching the conductor, thus playing a variaty of games or achieving differing effects.
The keyboard,in fact, is simulated by a microcontroller and several keys are extracted accordingly. In addition, traditional switches are replaced by touch mode. We can reproduce what the video shows only by arduino and Touch key USB Shield.
Touch key USB Shield adopts touch mode as input method and is set with double-contact touch switch. The touch port and GND have been extracted and connected to two touching electrodes, so when you touch these two electrodes, there will be a certain amount of electric current pass through due to body resistance. We can detect the touch event by inspecting the amount of such electric current. While Makey analog keyboard works in the same way.

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