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Прото Шилд к Raspberry Pi

Прото Шилд к Raspberry Pi
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1. The whole plate adopts heavy gold production process. All sink Jin Kong spacing, on the plate for the standard of 2.54 mm (100 ml). Can be compatible with DIP package IC directly welded at the top do prototype experiment. 2. The extension of IO mouth, can directly use the bread line inserted row mother, great convenience to use, the fastest speed your creation in the prototype to implement on the extended edition. 3. IO mouth with terminal output. Connect an external module, can put the ordinary wire tight on the terminal. Suitable for raspberry pie and external modules, wiring link. 4. The raspberries pie as motherboard components is remote, support more difficult. This model, USES the custom silicone pad as a prototype board and row mother support. This product contains only a raspberry pie prototype extended edition Prototyping Pi Plate.

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