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ИК фотоэлектрический датчик обхода препятствий

ИК фотоэлектрический датчик обхода препятствий
Модель: E18 D80NK
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По цене: 22.00 бел руб
This is a kind of photoelectric sensor which is integrated with transmitter and receiver. The detection distance can be adjusted according to the requirements. The sensor is of distance detection, small interference by visible light, price cheap, easy assembly and easy to use etc. They are widely applied to on many automation like robot obstacle avoidance, pipeline piece and so on. Electrical characteristics: U:5VDC I:100mA Sn:3-80CM Dimensions: Diameter: 17MM Sensor length: 45MM Lead length: 45CM Application case: 1, production line goods automatic counting equipment 2, multi-function reminder 3, walking maze robot 4, kitchen automation system 5, security and security systems, etc. Photoelectric sensor (photoelectric switch) NPN often open Model: E18-D80NK. Technical parameters of photoelectric switch E18: 1. Output current DC/SCR/ relay output:100mA/5V Control power supply 2. Consumption current DC<25mA 3.Response time <2ms 4.Pointing angle: less than or equal to 15 degrees, the effective distance of 3-80CM adjustable 5. Detect objects: transparent or opaque body 6.Working environment temperature: -25 ~+55 7 The standard detected objects: the following incandescent lamp 3000LX 10000LX below 8.Shell material: plastic

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