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Датчик влажности почвы

Датчик влажности почвы
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This is a simple and easy moisture sensor can be used for testing the moisture in the soil, when the soil water shortage, the simulation values of sensor output will decrease, instead will increase. Using the sensor produces a watering device automatically, when you not at home for a long time or after watering time, it can sensor to your plants are thirsty. To prevent plants withered just know is caused by water shortage. Cooperate with the Arduino controller allows you to plant more comfortable, garden more intelligent. Sensors made metal surface treatment, can prolong the service life of it. Insert it into the soil, and the use of AD converter to read it. With the help of it, the plant will remind you: I want to drink, I drink some water, please. Technical specifications The power supply voltage: 3.3 V or 5 V Working current: less than 20 ma 【 2.3 V output voltage: 0-2.3 - V is completely soaked in water voltage value, 5 V power supply, the greater the humidity, the greater the output voltage. Sensor types: analog output Packing: electrostatic bag sealing Signal interface definition: 1 foot, two feet, the power is 3 feet Service life: about 1 year (surface plating processing, strengthened the electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance) Module size: 20 x60mm

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