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Датчик газа MQ135 (контроля качества воздуха)

Датчик газа MQ135 (контроля качества воздуха)
Модель: MQ-135 (MQ-ST)
Можно купить (штук): 5
По цене: 5.00 бел руб

Description: Features: good sensitivity of harmful gases with wide range of concentration, long life, low cost, simple driving circuit. High sensibility over ammonia gas, sulfide, benzene series vapor, also ideal for smoke and other harmful substance detection. This sensor can detect various harmful gases.
MQ-135 (MQ-ST) is a low-cost sensor suitable for many applications.
1. household air pollution alarm
2. Industrial air pollution controller
3. portable air pollution detector
Attentions in using:
After power up, we need to rotate the varister to a proper area, normally the tipping point of on and off of light, remerber is in off state. At this moment, the sensor is in high sensitivity, even if there is only a little amount of harmful gas being detected, there will be signal from indicator light. Of course, you can adjust the sensitivity according to specific need.

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