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Плата управления 3D Printer-Ultimaker1.5.7

Плата управления 3D Printer-Ultimaker1.5.7
Производитель: Okystar Technology Co., Ltd.
Модель: 3D0004
Можно купить (штук): 1
По цене: 90.00 бел руб
instructions This product is a Arduino MEGA as Ultimaker UltiStepper driver with Pololu stepper driver boards is compatible with a plate. This is very similar to other Pololu based on electronic implementation, including RAMPS, and it can support up to five stepper motor (three for X, Y, Z, a extruder) is one of the other features of. You can add as much as possible you need stepping drive carriers. It is designed to run at a higher voltage than 12 v, this lets you make 90 watts a MOSFET and run your stepper motor has a larger torque and a higher top speed. It has a head, increase the SD card module, IDC head add LCD panel (film), PWM output power LED arrays and other lighting and serial I/O head, bluetooth and Ethernet add-ons. Note: connection jump line (close to VR tube 7812 TV), the Arduino MEGA Ultimaker panel will also have the power. The characteristics of Simple 4-way JST connectors all the plug of the machine. As many as five stepper motor control (3 X, Y, and Z axis extruder (in axis "E") and choose to add another shaft by adding a Pololu stepper driver. Will be sent to you by jumper wire to the configuration step. 55 the output of the amp MOSFET 3 times (PCB with LED lamp. The actual current capabilities are limited and connectors) All the pin broke the biggest extensibility from 15 v to 19 v. Thermocouple input, or thermistor input. 100 k thermistors are suggested. Switch on/switch on the board. Wiring thermocouple more easily. (normally open) fan cooled electronic equipment includes a 12 v voltage regulator. Can now be LCD backlight dimming control software.

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